Emerging Transformative Technology Prize

Emerging Transformative Technology Prize

As part of our trilogy prize launch, the Twelve Ronnies Foundation are looking for transformative technology ideas that are not currently mainstream thinking.
Opening Date
1st November 2019
Application Deadline
1st May 2020
Prize Sponsor
The Prize
£500 cash prize

The Brief

Technology is rapidly changing our very existance. With the emergence of AI, Biotech, Nanotech, Quantum Computing and progression of energy solutions ranging from Solar to Nuclear Fusion, the world is entering a new age. We are looking for new ideas that may incorporate these technolgies, sit on the convergence or on the outside of current thinking. We do not want to limit the scope of this competition.

Suitable ideas will be published on the open forum, IdeasNest.

What Are We Looking For?

Public interest

How Does The Competition Work?

Enter The Prize Competition

12R prizes are run by the Twelve Ronnies Foundation whose mission is to harvest new ideas which solve problems that have an economic or societal benefit. We believe the best way of harvesting ideas is by offering prizes to encourage idea generation. Showcasing your ideas is often the best way to get feedback and support, however if parts of your idea are confidential, we recommend that you store and share the confidential information about your idea in a safe place such as the ideasvault.co.uk. The vault storage allows sharing as required, rather than bringing the idea into the public domain.