MVP Development Contest

MVP Development Contest

Opening Date
19th June 2019
Application Deadline
31st December 2019
Prize Sponsor
The Prize
Contest to find an early stage startup or idea who require an MVP built. £50,000 Prize

The Brief

This contest is designed to find an early stage startup or idea who require an MVP built that can be launched to a live audience. work with all types of startups to help them realise their full potential. We are a development agency with a twist, offering incredible value for money development and full tech strategy in return for a small amount of founding equity. We become partners with our customers and only benefit from the product if it succeeds.

How Does The Competition Work?

Enter The Prize Competition

12R prizes are run by the Twelve Ronnies Foundation whose mission is to harvest new ideas which solve problems that have an economic or societal benefit. We believe the best way of harvesting ideas is by offering prizes to encourage idea generation. Showcasing your ideas is often the best way to get feedback and support, however if parts of your idea are confidential, we recommend that you store and share the confidential information about your idea in a safe place such as the The vault storage allows sharing as required, rather than bringing the idea into the public domain.