New Invention Prize

New Invention Prize

We are looking for a disruptive idea, as judged by our panel of patent attorneys and commercial experts
Opening Date
1st November 2019
Application Deadline
1st May 2020
Prize Sponsor
The Prize
£500 cash prize

The Brief

Inventions are continuously changing and transforming the world around us - from the complex task of tackling global health challenges to the simple, yet critical, mission of providing cost-effective reusable sanitary towels to women in developing countries, from creating translating chatbots helping refugees to communicate to eyeglass accessories alerting deaf people of sound and from producing solar-powered tents for homeless or disaster zone populations to engineering materials for sustainable carbon-neutral buildings.

What Are We Looking For?

Unique and innovative
All inventions start with an idea - the seed – which then grows and morphs into a viable invention when fed by the sap of innovation. Thomas Edison famously said that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

Through this competition we are not looking for proven and demonstrated inventions, but rather for the 1% inspiration comprising ideas which have the potential to disrupt prejudices, revolutionise technologies or provide major advancements in our lives. Whether a new use of a known concept or a brand new concept, whether simple or complex, we are searching for that ‘light bulb’ idea which can enhance the way we live and work.

How Does The Competition Work?

Your application will be stored in a secure encrypted vault only accessible by our patent attorney judges.

The panel consists of commercial experts and patent attorneys who will judge the ideas entering the prize competition and will also assist with the investment, implementation and protection of the most promising ideas.

Enter The Prize Competition

12R prizes are run by the Twelve Ronnies Foundation whose mission is to harvest new ideas which solve problems that have an economic or societal benefit. We believe the best way of harvesting ideas is by offering prizes to encourage idea generation. Showcasing your ideas is often the best way to get feedback and support, however if parts of your idea are confidential, we recommend that you store and share the confidential information about your idea in a safe place such as the The vault storage allows sharing as required, rather than bringing the idea into the public domain.