New Invention Prize

New Invention Prize

We are looking for a disruptive idea, as judged by our panel of patent attorneys and commercial experts

The Brief

Inventions are continuously changing and transforming the world around us - from the complex task of tackling global health challenges to the simple, yet critical, mission of providing cost-effective reusable sanitary towels to women in developing countries, from creating translating chatbots helping refugees to communicate to eyeglass accessories alerting deaf people of sound and from producing solar-powered tents for homeless or disaster zone populations to engineering materials for sustainable carbon-neutral buildings.

What Are We Looking For?

Unique and innovative
All inventions start with an idea - the seed – which then grows and morphs into a viable invention when fed by the sap of innovation. Thomas Edison famously said that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

Through this competition we are not looking for proven and demonstrated inventions, but rather for the 1% inspiration comprising ideas which have the potential to disrupt prejudices, revolutionise technologies or provide major advancements in our lives. Whether a new use of a known concept or a brand new concept, whether simple or complex, we are searching for that ‘light bulb’ idea which can enhance the way we live and work.